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Monday, April 10, 2006
Spring means data backup
Recently, I realized (while I was installing another 300 GB HDD in my media center box) that I hadn't backed up my digital photos or my MP3 collection in a couple of years. Part of the reason for not doing it was that I just didn't want to deal with figuring out how to divide up my collection onto a series of DVDs.

However, this would be my first backup using iTunes and Picasa (I did it manually last time). I was able to configure both apps to do my backups in just a couple of minutes (iTunes instructions here, Picasa instructions here). The only time-consuming part was the actual burning of the discs. All I had to do was feed my PC more discs ever 15 minutes or so, though.

Now, I have 2 DVDs worth of digital photos (2003-2005) and 6 DVDs worth of music archived. The question now is what to do with the discs...

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