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Monday, May 8, 2006
Sony chokes at E3
Wow, what a letdown. I'm not even a Sony fanboy, but I felt bad for how lame that press conference just was. PS3 will have all of the bells and whistles promised: ability to play 1080p games, built-in hard drive, free online play, etc.

However, at $499 and $599 (yeah, that's right!), they had better come out with some better games than what they showed in the press conference if they expect anyone to buy one.

I just don't understand why you:

1) allow Blu-Ray to delay your ship date AND raise the price per console
2) don't come out with stronger titles to justify the wait and the price

Now that Sony has flopped, it is Nintendo's show. Their press conference is tomorrow at noon Eastern. BTW, GameSpot Complete members can stream it live.

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