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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Mark Cuban responds to my comment
Earlier this week, Mark Cuban challenged readers of his blog to help him come up with some new ways to market movies. He claimed it was one of his biggest concerns. Oh, and to make the challenge more interesting, he offered a job to anyone who could do it.

Now, although I don't need a job (working on movie and/or HD related stuff *would* be awesome), I decided to chime in with my 2 cents. Of course, I wasn't alone. As of this writing, there are almost 400 comments... and a couple of them are actually decent :) Most, though, are from people bashing the quality of movies or trying to improve the moviegoing experience (neither of which was the assignment).

Anyway, I suggested that connecting with the blogosphere early and often was the way to build and maintain positive word of mouth. Considering how little people value the opinions of critics, getting bloggers on your side could be huge. I also gave some suggestions for tactical ways to do that. Admittedly, that isn't groundbreaking stuff; however, for whatever reason, most studios still haven't figured out the value of tapping into the blogosphere in a really meaningful way (no, MySpace pages run by production assistants don't count).

Much to my suprise, I got an e-mail back from Mark last night. I won't copy the note here; however, I will say that he was very positive in his feedback of the ideas. In fact, he claims that they are working on almost all of the ideas at some level already.

So maybe I won't be getting a job; however, at least I know I wasn't totally nuts in my suggestions. I also appreciate Mark taking the time to drop a quick note.

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