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Friday, August 4, 2006
I just paid $3.28 /gallon of gas
OK, right after the last gas price hike, which they claimed (with a straight face) was due to the Korean missle tests, NPR reported that this should be the summer high for gas prices.

Well, yesterday, gas prices here in Louisville went from $2.95 per gallon to $3.19 per gallon. Because my car requires the middle grade gas, I paid $3.28 this morning. WTF? I am waiting for the latest excuse. I am betting it will have something to do with the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

With an 1,800 mile roundtrip drive to Florida planned for the end of this month, $3.19 per gallon is going to suck!

BTW, I *am* aware that gas prices in other parts of the world are much higher than in the US and that, as an American, I am perceived as a big ol' whiner. So please save those comments for someone else. Thanks.

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