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Friday, July 28, 2006
Calacanis deletes my comments?
I've been commenting pretty regularly on Jason Calacanis' blog about his ideas for (where he offered to pay the top Digg users $1,000 per month to use Netscape).

So far, he has responded to none of the issues that I (or anyone else) have raised regarding his product strategy. Instead, he continues to debate about a topic where there is little, if any, disagreement.

Well, today, he asked readers of his blog whether they were members of the Grand Havana Club. I decided to poke a *little* fun at him by posting:

"5. Jason:
Why not offer all of the members of the Grand Havana Room $1,000 to join your new Grand Netscape Room. I'm sure you design it to have all of the same features as the Grand Havana Room.

And let's be real. You don't really want to know whether others here have joined. It's just more name-dropping and posturing for your fanboys to fawn over."

When I checked back later this afternoon, I notice that that comment has been deleted. I was pretty disappointed 'cause I thought it was pretty damn funny. Interesting approach from a guy who claims that he loves a good debate. At least he read it.

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