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Friday, July 28, 2006
Get a DVR and watch less TV
I've had a TiVo since 2001 and have suggested them to countless friends, family members and any poor sap unfortunate enough to be within 10 feet of me when recommending them to friends and family members.

The objection that I get most often is that they don't watch that much TV. When I say that I don't watch that much either, they usually laugh and tell me I'm crazy. I try to explain that I only watch the stuff I like, but it is too late.

Now, there is a new study that shows that DVR owners do, in fact, watch less TV than those that don't have them.

There are several days each week where the TV in the manroom is only on for playing XBOX 360 or watching a DVD (minus 30 minutes or so of Sportcenter before work). I never just randomly channel surf anymore.

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