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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Is Netflix at it again?
I went back to Netflix a few weeks ago in anticipation of picking up the XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive. Up until this week, things have gone pretty well.

This morning, though, things are funny again.

I had two movies at home and, trying to avoid a throttle, I shipped them back a day apart (it seems that when you return two at a time, they are a little slower to ship new ones).

Today, I get notice that the second one has been received, but not the first. No big deal, the HD-DVD that I really want to see (Mission Impossible III) is listed as available "Now" and is at the top of my Queue.

After checking my Queue moments ago, I find that Mission Impossible III is still available, but they shipped the 3rd item in my Queue (which is older and less in demand, presumably). Irritating!

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