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Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Microsoft comes back strong
Everyone, including me, has been down on the XBOX 360 for not delivering the big-name games and not challenging Sony and Nintendo this holiday. However, this week, MSFT is proving everyone wrong.

First, Gears of War was released today. Many felt it would be something to tide us over until Halo 3; however, according to GameSpot, it could be the game of the year. They gave it a 9.6 rating.

The HD-DVD drive is also launching this week. Of course, it is launching for $300 less than a standalone HD-DVD player (with media remote for just $199). And if you get one of the early bundles, it includes HD-DVD version of "King Kong."

And finally (and most surprisingly), Microsoft will be launching a video download service on November 22 that allows you to download HD shows and movies to your 360. This is something that everyone expected Apple or Netflix to roll out first; however, ol' MSFT gets first-mover advantage on everyone. Nice!

Plus, you've got games like Tony Hawk's Project 8 (which is awesome) and the new wireless headset in stores as well.

It took a year, but it's finally a good time to be a 360 owner.

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