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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Need some baby names
Amy and I are expecting our fourth child this Spring. Although the date is months away, we've started the process of trying to come up with names. All of our kids first and middle names start with "M" (Mahlon Maximillian, Miles Montgomery and Mira Millicent) and we'd like to keep that going.

So far, I think we have the name worked out if its a girl -- Macy Magnolia.

However, we're nowhere close to getting a boy's name figured out. I tend to go for outrageous/ridiculous names. For example, I really like names like "Manley" or "Marvelous." You can't tell me "Manley Marvelous" wouldn't be a kick-ass name! Amy, on the other hand, tends to like names that don't make us look like we were insane.

So please throw out some suggestions for a boy's name (first, middle) that starts with "M." And if you have a great girl's name, too, go ahead and throw that one in.

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