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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Update on Profilactic
Wow, yesterday was quite a day. For those who aren't also reading my Building Profilactic blog, let me recap:

1. Michael Zhang wrote an article about the Profilactic beta Friday evening
2. Saturday morning, one of the top 20 Digg users submitted Michael's story
3. Around 7PM last night, the story made the Digg home page
4. Beta sign-ups, Diggs and Digg comments went crazy for about 5 hours
5. This morning, we have almost 200 beta sign-ups, 130 Diggs and 35 comments (most of them positive)

This is more than I could have ever hopped for at this stage in the project. I think it has definitely lit a fire under us to get it finished and to make sure it kicks ass.

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