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Friday, November 3, 2006
GoW+HD-DVD+THP8 = No Wii
I know that I have been going crazy over the Wii since before E3; however, as the launch approaches, I just don't want to shell out the cash for a new game console.

Part of the reason I had been looking forward to the Wii was the lack of quality games for the 360. However, there is a lot of good new stuff coming to the 360 that I would rather have right now.

First, there is Gears of War. Next to Halo 3, it is the most-anticipated 360 title yet. That comes out on Tuesday. Then, there is the HD-DVD drive that also launches next week. Since Netflix now rents HD-DVDs (at no extra charge), I can try out HD-DVD without shelling out cash for the movies. And finally, there is Tony Hawk's Project 8 which is also out next week. I downloaded the demo last night and I am already cracked out on it. The Nail the Trick feature is awesome.

So for $75 less than I would have spent on the Wii, a game and an extra Wii-mote, I can pick up an HD-DVD drive and 2 great games for the 360 (especially when you factor in Gamefly's pre-played pricing).

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