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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
XBOX 360 Video Marketplace is live
The new video download service for XBOX 360 is now live. I have browsed around it for a few minutes and it seems they have a decent selection of content. Over 40 movies and over 40 TV shows are available. Several of them are in HD. They've also got movies clips and music videos.

Pricing is a bit steep. An HD movie, which you only rent, is over $6. I would much rather see someone step up and offer a subscription service rather than ala carte. Considering MSFT is offering XBOX Live as a subscription, you would think that they would offer a premium tier that costs maybe $15 per month to get unlimited downloads.

The other issue is storage. The 20GB hard drive isn't going to cut it. It would be nice if you could use an external hard drive so that you could have multiple movies downloaded at once.

I guess that, at $6 per movie, they've pretty much priced a lot of people out of the option to download lots of movies at one time.

UPDATE: One more issue I've noticed. If you are downloading an HD movie, like "V for Vendetta," then you will need to leave your XBOX 360 on for hours (the movie is 6.1 GB). I have been downloading a free clip of the "Viva Pinata" show for my kids and the 589MB file is taking *forever* to download. I'm not a big fan of leaving my 360 on for several hours in order to download something.

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