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Thursday, September 6, 2007
Guess the iPhone's price *does* matter
Ah, you gotta love the iPhone early adopters. Just 2 months ago, blogs and Twitter posts were filled with praise for the iPhone (Heck, I even wrote one). It was said to be worth every penny because it was one of the greatest devices ever made. And let's not forget the real diehards who camped out for days to be one of the first to own one.

Well, according to NPR, that tune is quickly changing with yesterday's announcement of a $200 price cut on the iPhone . NPR reports that Apple has been flooded with angry calls and e-mails from the early adopters wanting $200 back.

This is really funny considering all of the post-launch justifications people made about the price of the device and the fact that they camped out for it. Plus, let's not forget that Apple does this ALL THE TIME. How can they be surprised? The 5.5G iPods and the Intel iMacs immediately come to mind.

So, if you see an iPhone owner over the next couple of days, give them a hug, especially this one who posted to TUAW:

"I feel totally screwed... Especially as a 4gb user.

My love affair with Apple is officially over. Screwed on a G4... Screwed on a G5... Screwed on an Intel iMac. I actually feel a little less screwed on the desktops as that's expected. But, such a drastic reduction in price and making a version completely obsolete in 2 months of purchase? Ridiculous and sick from a consumer perspective.

[UPDATE:] Apple has responded with a $100 store credit for iPhone customers who purchased before the price cut was announced.

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