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Saturday, March 13, 2010
SXSWi 2010: Friday recap
Day 1 at SXSWi started early with a 7am flight out of Columbus. Ended up sitting next to Natalie Villalobos, product manager for Google Sidewiki, on the flight from Dallas to Austin.

After getting checked in to the hotel, I grabbed my badge, then connected with old friends from Louisville (and Cincinnati) including Greg Matthews and Chris Hall from Humana, Rob May and Ben Thomas from Backupify, Chris Bergman and Paul Armstrong. Got to catch the finish of the OSU-Michigan gave over lunch (and got to make an ass out of myself by jumping up out of my seat and cheering when Evan Turner hit that last second 3-pointer).

Photo by Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan snapped this stunning portrait of me in the Blogger Lounge. 8x10s available on request.

Ended up heading over to the blogger lounge at the Austin Convention Center after lunch and ran into a ton of familiar faces including Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Jim Storer, Adam Cohen, Amber Naslund, Jake McKee, Dave Delaney, Lewis Howes, Ewan Spence and Dave Peck. Also met Jodi Gersh from Gannett, Jay Baer, Darren Rowse and bunch of other people I had only known online.

Went to dinner with Jason Falls, Jay Baer, Valeria Maltoni and Jodi Gersh. Ran into the teams from USA Today and The New York Times and headed to the Social Fresh happy hour.

Later, we headed to Jeff Pulver's cocktail party at Lanai. Connected with Aaron Marshall, Todd Earwood, Mark Krynsky, Louis Gray and our host. Leo Laporte was running around trying to get interviews which seemed pretty futile over the music and conversation.

Leo Laporte in the heezy.

After that, we hiked the 1/2 mile down to Molotov for Jason Falls' Firefly Fandango event that featured funnel cakes from his dad Chillie Falls.

Ended up calling it a night around midnight so I could get my beauty rest for Saturday.

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