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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Orb rocks
Disclaimer: Although I really hate using the term "rocks" as I did in the title of this post, I couldn't come up with anything that was more fitting... now that I read this, I am thinking that "rocks" is actually pretty cool compared to using a disclaimer to open a blog post. Anyway...

Recently, I reinstalled Orb which basically turns your Media Center PC into a Slingbox. That is an oversimplification because Orb has so many more features (and because Orb is free and Slingbox is $200+), but you get the idea. And just to be fair, Orb is really only free if you have a Media Center PC already.

So I was recording HD versions of shows like "24" and "Lost" and trying to stream them to a remote PC (at my office). The problem was that only about 1/4 of the screen was coming through when viewing HD files from my PC at work.

After checking their support forum, I found that there were others experiencing this issue and it was to be addressed in the next release.

Disclaimer #2: This is where Orb really starts to "rock"

This past weekend, I e-mailed Orb and asked if I could get the beta release of their next version so I could test out whether or not the "upper left quadrant" issue was fixed. To my surprise, they said "yes" and sent me a link to download it.

After the quick install, everything works great. I can now stream HD files to a remote machine and get the full 16:9 image. Sweet! Thanks, Orb.

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