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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Goofin' around with Google Notebook
Google Notebook is now live, so I've spent a few minutes this morning playing around with it.

Firefox extension for Google Notebook
View of the Firefox extension in action

Here is a public notebook that I made featuring reviews about Windows Media Player 11. With Google Notebook, which has a handy Firefox extension so you can add notes while browsing, you can highlight text and images (I chose text from Thomas Hawk, CNET, Jupiter Research and sMoRTy71) and save it to a Notebook.

Once in the Notebook, you can rearrange the order of elements by dragging and dropping them. You can add section heads and titles to your Notebook. You can also add Notes manually from the Notebook interface. And if you think you have a really good Notebook that others might enjoy, you can make it public.

I think Google Notebook could be really handy for bloggers or reporters who are gathering information from multiple sources. I think I might use it when researching a product or service. Or, as you've seen with my previous "reviews," I could get tired of it in 15 minutes and declare it "lame" in a later post.

Check out my Notebook on Windows Media Player 11.

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