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Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Why the Wii will beat PS3
OK, the more I think about the Sony announcement yesterday, the more I think they are in real trouble, especially when compared to the Nintendo Wii. The one thing that I can't get past is how most consumers will experience each console for the first time.

You walk into Wal-Mart (or Target or Best Buy) during the holiday shopping season. You go to the video game section and see the new console kiosks.

In one kiosk, there is a Nintendo Wii with its remote-like controller. It is priced around $250. In another kiosk, there is a PS3 with the same controller design as the PS2. It is priced at $500-$600. The kiosks themselves will probably be pretty similar from a construction/presentation point of view.

From the experience point of view, though, playing the PS3 in the store will be very similar to playing a PS2. There is no cool factor in the actual mechanics of the gameplay. All of the differences are hidden under the hood of the console. You have to figure out why you should pay $500-$600 for something that is just like playing the PS2. Blu-Ray or 1080p? Most people won't know what those are, so why would they pay a premium for them.

The Nintendo Wii doesn't have those problems. It has a new style of gameplay that the consumer can actually experience in the store. They don't have to read a spec sheet to see why they should want to buy it. They also won't have to understand any new terms like Blu-Ray or 1080p. The Wii will work on the TV they have now. Then, throw in the $250-$350 price difference and it just isn't a fair fight.

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