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Monday, May 15, 2006
URGE would be cool if...
I downloaded one of the leaked copies of Windows Media Player 11 so that I could take a peek at URGE, the new music download service from Microsoft and MTV (and VH1 and CMT).

After spending a few minutes with it, it is definitely slicker than I expected. The search results, for example, change as you type. So as I typed "possum dixon" into the search box, WMP11 kept refining my results. That's kind of cool.

It also features several purchase options from buying songs for $.99 up to an all-you-can-eat download plan for $14.95. Plus, because it is MTV, you can watch music videos for songs for free (at least, I think they're free. I watched "Dancing Shoes" from Arctic Monkeys and wasn't prompted for payment). In a nutshell, if you've used iTunes, you know what to expect from WMP11 and URGE.

Compatible MP3 players

The big problem, though, is that URGE doesn't support iPods (not a surprise considering who built it). So unless you own one of the three compatible players (or unless you want to ditch your iPod and buy one so you can try URGE... OK, stop laughing.), you can't use it.

It makes me wonder why MSFT and MTV would waste... er, spend so much money building something that a relatively small number of people can use. It's not like they're adding some killer app that people will be willing to switch for.

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