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Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Nintendo just stole the show!
Super Mario Galaxy
Holy crap! Nintendo just stole E3 with their press conference. They took the exact opposite approach to Sony and focused on the games and the gameplay first.

The first few minutes of the conference showed people playing games (both live and in a video montage) like Super Mario Galaxy, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Red Steel, Zelda, Fishing, etc. Seeing it in action was amazing. Everyone who was watching in the office (even non-gamers) immediately wanted one.

Every demo they did was fun to watch because you got to see new and interesting applications for the controller and nunchuk - drawing back a bow and arrow in Zelda, Sword fighting in Red Steel, moving Mario in Super Mario Galaxy and hitting a tennis ball in Wii Sports.

And to demonstrate just how accessible the new controller is, they pulled a contest winner out of the audience and he immediately started playing tennis. No instructions needed. He just started playing.

Although they failed to give a launch date and exact price, they did confirm 4th quarter 2006. They also hinted at the number of launch titles. 27 games will be playable tomorrow at the Nintendo booth (27!). And that doesn't include the Virtual Console games available for download.

Gamespot will have the entire show available for download. If you missed it live, you need to check it out.

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