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Sunday, December 17, 2006
FFL: Super Bowl bound!!!
For the first time in my long FFL career, I am headed to the Fantasy Football Super Bowl. Tonight, I was able to knock off the #1 team in our league, the 11-3 (before tonight) Lyndon Llamas, 100 to 86.

Early in the day, I thought I was finished considering my starting QB, Steve McNair, left the game in the first quarter without recording any stats. However, the Steelers defense (27 points), Brian Westbrook (25 points) and Jason Elam (13 points) helped give me the edge.

Next week, I will be facing the #2 team in the league, the Malaysian Madmen. My regular season record is 1-1 versus the Madmen. Had we played each other this week, I would have won 100 to 84.

The last game of the Fantasy season will be on Christmas Day. Our office closes for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, so the winner won't have a chance to gloat (unless it's me and I buy myself a giant trophy and bring it to the office) and the loser won't be *too* humiliated.

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