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Thursday, January 4, 2007
Scored two more Wii remotes!
Target is turning out to be a great place for Wii shoppers. Of course, I got my Wii there last week. And then, tonight after work, I was able to get two Wii remotes.

Scored 2 more Wii remotes today!

I had gone to the Gamestop around the corner from Target and was told by the GS employee not to expect Wii remotes until the end of January and that I could just pre-order the Wii Play bundle which includes a remote. Considering I rarely get credible info from GS employees (and I hate to be upsold), I decided to try Target anyway.

After seeing that Target had removed the end cap that had held the empty racks where the Wii remote and nunchuks should go, I thought I was out of luck. However, I asked the clerk if they had any and, much to my surprise, he said, "Sure. Lots of 'em."

Turns out that they had just gotten a shipment and he had a whole box of Wii remotes that hadn't even been put on the shelves. Even though I wanted just one remote and a nunchuk (they didn't have any nunchuks), I felt compelled to grab two remotes since they were so hard to find.

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