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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Switched to Blockbuster Online
Last week, as my free 2 week trial for Blockbuster Online Total Access was about to expire, I decided to cancel my Netflix membership (again!) and start paying for BB.

In terms of value and experience, BB is actually giving me more than Netflix was. Here is what I am getting now (for the same $ as NF):

1. 3 out at a time
2. Better availability of HD-DVDs than Netflix
3. More movies -- I can trade all of my online rentals for free in-store rentals. The closest Blockbuster is 1 mile from my house (and is on the way to and from my office), so it is super-convenient. Plus, my wife and kids are happier because they can trade in my HD-DVD online rentals for chick flicks and Care Bear DVDs that I would never use a Queue slot for :)
4. Faster shipping -- Trading in an online rental in-store is the same as returning via mail, so my next online rental is shipped out sooner
5. Free games -- They just made free game rentals available using the e-Coupon you get each month

So, everyone is happier, we get more movies and we even get a free game rental. Sure, NF's website is better; however, I have my subscription to watch movies, not use the website. And once Blockbuster starts stocking HD-DVDs in my local store, it will be perfect.

I'll post my impressions after a few more weeks of using Blockbuster; however, I can't see going back to Netflix.

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