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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
"Lady... step inside my Hyundai"
Today is our wedding anniversary, so I decided to buy Amy a new minivan as part of her anniversary present. Her current van, a 2002 Dodge Caravan Sport, has been a real turd. Just past the 75K mile mark (when the warranty ended), it started to fall apart: transmission control module died, windshield washer squirting thingee died, passenger side window motor died. This in addition to other odds and ends that had gone wrong prior to that.

Instead of sinking more money into it, we decided to look around for a new(er) van. We wanted something that seated 7 (like the Caravan), had a good safety rating and had a better warranty. After doing some research and a test drive, Amy decided that she liked the Hyundai Entourage the best (I've never really been crazy about the idea of buying a Hyundai; however, I do love the show "Entourage," so it works for me).


We were able to find a 2007 with just over 12K miles on it in Findlay, OH (about 200 miles away). The price was ridiculously good and it still has the remainder of the 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, the 10 year powertrain warranty *and* 10 year roadside assistance.

We are using CarMax to sell Amy's van. She took it there yesterday and, in about 20 minutes, she had a written offer to buy the van (even if she didn't buy a van there).

So later this week, we will make the trip up to Findlay to pick up Amy's new whip.

BTW, bonus points for anyone who can identify the song that I quoted in the title of this post.

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