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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
FFL Week 2: KillDozer 133, The Profilactics 103
Another loss this week in Fantasy Football; however, this one isn't so bad considering I broke the 100 point mark. While I hate losing, I feel like 100 points is a pretty respectable total.

Of course, a couple of coaching mishaps prevented me from making a game out of it. I trusted Drew Brees (again) and he disappointed with 15 points (after 1 point last week). Jake Delhomme was on my bench and put up 29 points for the second straight week. Laurence Maroney isn't working out very well either. He put up 7 points while Cadillac Williams put up 18 points... from my bench. So that's 25 points that I could have had (although it still wouldn't have been enough to get the win).

Next week, I face another lowly 0-2 team, The Blue Bombers. The Bombers have been starting Rex Grossman the past couple of weeks. If they do that again this week, I will go ahead and guarantee the win :)

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