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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
FFL Week 8: Magnums 99, Profilactics 60
Well, it was a nice run winning 2 games in a row. However, The Profilactics brought back to reality this week thanks to the league-leading, now 8-0 Magnums (and 3 players with bye weeks and 1 injury) who have some guy named Tom Brady at QB. Apparently, that guy is pretty good :)

I was so desperate for a QB after I lost Byron Leftwich (which shows I was already desperate for a QB before that) that I picked up and started Vinny Testaverde. Wow, that was a bad move. Vinny got me 1 point and left the game with an injury.

This loss drops my record to 3-5 which is the worst I've ever done at this point in the season in 7 years of playing fantasy football. This week, I play the 1-7 Trojan Horses. The week after that, I play the 3-4-1 Pizza Delivery Boys. Hopefully I can be at 5-5 after those two games.

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