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Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Sorry if I sent you 70 duplicate mails today
A glitch between Outlook 2007 and my Gmail POP account resulted in me sending a ton of duplicate mails this morning. If you were one of the unlucky recipients, I apologize profusely.

I didn't realize there was a problem until I got an e-mail from Matt Marshall at Venture Beat. He had only received 5 mails at the time he wrote me. Upon checking my Gmail account on the web, I saw that he was about to receive another 70 (Sorry again, Matt!).

Outlook 2007 was reporting that there was an outgoing mail server error and (I assume) was attempting to resend the mail at 1 minute intervals. Unfortunately, every mail was actually going out. Ugh! I powered down my laptop and the duplicate mails seemed to have stopped.

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