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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
I voted for San Francisco
Last week, Pat Boone, on behalf of the Kentucky Republican Party, delivered a pre-recorded phone message to Kentucky voters against Democratic candidate Steve Beshear.

"His opponent is so ultra-liberal, he has just been enthusiastically endorsed by C-Fair, a prominent gay rights advocacy group. They're convinced Steve Beshear is their guy. Do you really want Kentucky to become another San Francisco?"

metalbooneActually, Pat, that would be great. I love San Francisco. They have great weather, tons of high-paying technology jobs, a diverse population, professional sports teams, national landmarks and lots of my friends live there.

If Pat Boone is telling me Steve Beshear can deliver all that, then I'm in.

Some construed Pat's comments as hateful and bigoted; however, that can't be the case. See, Pat didn't have a problem with dressing up in leather and singing a cover song from Judas Priest (whose singer is openly gay). In fact, he lead off his heavy metal cover album with that track.

So, thanks for the tip, Pat. I hope they build Chinatown near my house.

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