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Monday, November 12, 2007
Miles' surgery went well [updated]
Today, Miles had to have minor surgery to repair his eye muscles. He has had two surgeries already (both before he was 2); however, there were still some adjustments that his eye doctor felt needed to be made.

They gave me goofy juice, too
Right after they gave Miles the "goofy juice" to help him relax. I was not on any medication at the time...

He also had a small lymph node removed from his groin at the same time as his eye surgery. The node had been slightly enlarged over the past couple of months. All of his labs were fine (i.e. nothing that seemed to indicate anything serious); however, the doctor decided to take it out for testing since he was already going to have the eye surgery. Will be nice to be able to completely rule anything bad out. Following the surgery, the doctor said the lymph node looked fine and expected everything to test out just fine. We'll know more in a week, tho.

The worst part of the procedure was Miles' reaction to the sedation. It always makes him vomit when he wakes up. So far, he's thrown up 3 times including red slushee all over our bathroom wall. That was fun.

A big thanks to everyone who sent e-mails or posted messages on Twitter. We really appreciate all of the support.

[UPDATE: 11/15] Miles' lymph node biopsy came back fine. No cancers or lymphomas. We didn't think there would be anything there; however, it is a relief to get confirmation.

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