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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
SXSWi 2010: Monday recap
Monday started with a trip out to the Bazaarvoice offices. BV wanted to bring some of their clients who were also attending SXSWi to come out to see their offices and speak to their team. In addition to Nationwide, reps from American Express, Newell Rubbermaid, JC Penney and Procter & Gamble were present to share their experience with Bazaarvoice.

We also got to hear from Ze Frank, Chris Brogan, Erik Qualman and Bazaarvoice CMO Sam Decker.

The Nationwide logo being painted on the walls at Bazaarvoice.
The Nationwide logo being painted on the walls at Bazaarvoice.

The most interesting part of this morning event was that each of us got to ring the Bazaarvoice gong before speaking. The gong is a BV tradition that dates back to their early days when they would use the gong to announce new clients or milestones.

Next stop was lunch at the Hula Hut with Bert DuMars from Newell Rubbermaid and the team from Bazaarvoice.

Shawn Morton and Bert DuMars
Chris Brogan snapped this photo of me, looking goofy, with Bert DuMars of Newell Rubbermaid

After lunch, we headed down to the UT campus for the Get Ready to Live event that Tim Hayden was putting on. It featured Sam Decker, Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Dennis Crowley (co-founder of Foursquare) and professors from The University of Texas. Really enjoyed hearing Dennis' remarks on where Foursquare is headed.

Listening to the co-founder of Foursquare talk about location services and  business.
Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, talks about location services.

Dinner was at Uchi with Ze Frank, Erik Qualman, Sam Decker, Chris Brogan, Michael Scissons from Syncapse. Really good food and great conversation.

After a packed car ride (6 of us in car that should hold 4 people ) back downtown, I reconnected with Jim Storer, Aaron Strout, Heather Strout, Joe Jaffe, Adam Cohen and others at Frank. Decided that the sushi from earlier wasn't going to hold me over, so I got bananas foster and a gluten-free beer for a little 4th meal action.

We ended the night at Mix for the TechKaraoke event. Couldn't quite work up the nerve to sing, but it was a lot of fun watching everyone else try.

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