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Sunday, March 14, 2010
SXSWi 2010: Saturday recap
Headed out around 9am and grabbed breakfast with Todd Earwood and Chris Hall. We ran into David Alston and Katie Morse from Radian6. We took a photo with Cowboy Todd and they gave us some sweet Radian6 t-shirts. Mine is a Big Lebowski-themed shirt that says "The Dude abides listening, man." Nice.

After breakfast, we headed to Starbucks to grab coffee and ended up having an hour-long impromptu tweetup with Jim Storer, Adam Cohen, Chris Bergman, Paul Armstrong, Bill Johnston and the team from TweetyGotBack.

Headed over to the convention center around noon. On the way in, FreshBooks was handing out the absolute best conference swag ever -- bacon! With a belly full of bacon, we headed to the blogger lounge. There, we ran into Marcel and Rich from Radian6, Aaron Strout from Powered and Dave Delaney from Griffin.

While at the blogger lounge, Todd created a new site called The idea is that you can upload pictures of people who wear Bluetooth headsets while not using the phone. The tagline, which came courtesy of the team from TweetyGotBack, is "Everyday callers can become Bluetooth ballerz." E-mail your favorite photo to

Around 3pm, we headed over to the Griffin tweetup at Champions before going to Jason Calacanis' live broadcast of This Week In Startups at The Mix Tap Room which included an interview with Tony Tseih from Zappos. It also featured my friend Rob May, CEO of Backupify, getting to ask a startup-related question to Tony and Jason.

Best swag ever!
Swag of the year goes to Fresh Books for handing out hot bacon outside the ACC

While waiting for the show to start, Rob, Todd, Chris Hall, Chris Bergman, Ben Thomas and the team from played the most disturbing drinking game I've ever seen using Enough said about that :)

For dinner, we chose on of my favorite restaurants from SXSWi 2009 -- Maria Maria. Rob May, Chris Hall, Ben Thomas and I were eventually joined by Jason Calacanis and Charlie O'Donnell for some startup chat. We (the restaurant, not our table) were also joined by Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Sloan on "Entourage" (and Tyla in my friend Rob's movie "Waiting...") and Malin Ackerman who played Tori in a couple of episodes of "Entourage."

My food, I started with the guacamole and then had the red snapper veracruz, was absolutely amazing. Can't recommend that place enough.

The rest of the evening was a blur of events and parties including the Big Digg Shindigg at Stubbs. Will definitely be feeling the lack of sleep tomorrow... oh wait, I mean today :)

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