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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
There goes the neighborhood
We live in one of the safest areas in Louisville. The worst thing that generally happens in this part of town is that you get real milk in your soy latte or J. Crew doesn't have that skirt in a size 2.

In the past week or so, our neighborhood has been under seige from burglars. Over a dozen houses right around ours have been broken into. Most have gone the same way -- someone leaves their car unlocked, then the burglar swipes their garage door opener and returns later to help themself to the contents of their garage. Not exactly a home invasion; however, still pretty troubling.

Well, this afternoon, a couple of detectives stopped by to let us know that our next door neighbor's house was burglarized over the weekend. And in their case, the burglars actually entered their home through the garage.

So now, we've removed all valuables (and the garage door openers) from our cars and made sure that we lock our interior garage door at night. Between Faith (our dog) and my pistol-grip Mossberg shotgun (hey, this is Kentucky), I think we should be OK if they show up while we're home (3-4 AM seems to be a popular time).

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