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Monday, May 22, 2006
Using my DNS server again
For several years, I ran my own DNS caching server to speed up look ups. After we moved into the new house last September, I never bothered to fire it back up.

Recently, though, our broadband provider, Insight, totally botched their move off of the AT&T network and some customers were without access for over a week. For the 4 days our service was out, I noticed that the DNS lookups were what kept failing.

Since getting service back, I have noticed that DNS lookups (even for sites I visit frequently) still take longer than they used to. So, I dug out my old Windows 2000 Advanced Server box (featuring a blazing 200mhz Pentium and 96MB of RAM!) and hooked it up this weekend. Now lookups for sites I frequent are lightning fast.

No word yet on if Insight will issue credits for the lost service. I'm glad, for now, that my service is back and that, thanks to my DNS server, the lookup issues are improving.

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