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Thursday, May 25, 2006
MPAA hires a hacker to steal info
First, let me start by adding a big "allegedly" to this post. However, if true, the story shows just what the MPAA is really made of.

According to, the MPAA paid a hacker $15,000 to steal data and files from Coincidentally, TorrentSpy, which facilitates file sharing, is the target of a current MPAA lawsuit.

Of course, is now suing the MPAA after the hacker came forward with his story. According to TS' suit, the hacker stole "a spreadsheet containing Torrentspy income and expenses from January to June 2005, copies of private e-mails between Torrentspy employees, detailed information on the company's servers, and billing information."

The MPAA is already removing/challenging our rights to fair use and crippling technical innovation. Now, it looks like they'll resort to breaking the law in order to get what they want while holding everyone else to a higher standard.

It makes me feel pretty good that I've only been to the movies twice ("Munich" and "Curious George") and have only purchased 2 DVDs in the past year ("Waiting..." and "Revenge of the Sith"). Of course, I think that speaks more to the quality of their products than it does to me "boycotting" the MPAA.

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