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Friday, May 26, 2006
IGN has some XBOX 360 scoop
IGN has the scoop on both the upcoming XBOX 360 Dashboard update as well as the HD-DVD drive.

I am really excited to see a download manager that allows you to queue up downloads and then go do other things. Sitting there waiting for a 700MB demo to download is painful. Plus, the download manager will be smart enough to pause when you are playing an online game to avoid lag.

As for the HD-DVD drive, I am glad to see MSFT give consumers a choice as to whether they want a next-gen optical drive; however, I hate the thought of another peripheral cluttering up my already-crowded equipment cabinet. Depending on the price of the drive, I may not have to worry about it. Anything over $100 (it *is* just an optical drive in an enclosure after all) is a total rip-off IMO. All of the horsepower needed to play the HD content from the discs is already in the 360.

Check out screenshots of the dashboard update here and the HD-DVD drive here.

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