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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Transitioning to Skype
When we moved into our new house back in September, I made the switch from DSL to cable modem. The big reason was that I didn't need a phone line for cable (and I was required to pay for one with DSL). That resulted in a $40 charge for something we really didn't want (considering we use cellphones for 95% of our calls).

Of course, the switch to cable modem and away from DSL and landline wasn't as simple as planned. Being a DirecTV customer, I needed a phone line to activate my equipment. Since Insight (our cable broadband provider) also offered phone service (for a very low price), we decided to do our landline through them. Overall, we would still be coming out $20-$30 ahead each month.

Well, recently, I noticed that the super low rate that we had been paying had disappeared from our bill. Now, we're paying close to $40 per month for the landline we get through Insight.

So now I've decided to pocket that $40, cancel our local phone service and try Skype. I have already paid our landline bill through the end of June, so we should have a sense of whether we can use Skype reliably for the small portion of non-cellphone calls we make. Throw in the fact that Skype is offering free Skype Out calls through the end of the year, there really isn't a better time to try it.

During the trial period, I have installed a couple of mVox USB speakerphones on two computers in the house. I've also signed Amy and I up for separate Skype accounts. This way, we can each experiment with making Skype calls before shelling out the $50-$60 for a Skype phone adapter and another $38 for a Skype In number.

Once we get that all up and running, I will pick up some new webcams so that we can do video calls with family and friends who live out of town.

I'll post more on my impressions of Skype as I start using it more.

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