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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Redbox is my new way to rent DVDs
I tried Redbox for the first time last night (read this post on Practical Gadgetry about my experience) and, this afternoon, I downgraded my Blockbuster account to their cheapest plan.

I can't completely get rid of Blockbuster because they are my main source of HD-DVDs. So I've opted for their 1 out at a time plan with 2 monthly in-store exchanges for $9. Depending on the flow of new HD-DVDs after the holidays, I will probably ditch BB altogether and simply buy the HD-DVDs that I know I want to keep.

I am betting that I would only rent 5-6 movies per month if I only picked up a movie when I wanted to watch one. Most of our Blockbuster rentals sit around for several days before we get around to watching and returning them. Plus, with Redbox, I get the instant gratification of being able to watch a movie that night without having to step foot in a BB store (which I try to avoid at all costs).

I'll post more on this once I've rented more movies from Redbox.

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