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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Monster *does* make a difference
Over the years, I've read countless threads on AVS Forum asking if Monster cables are worth the price. Almost every time I've responded to those threads, I have said, "No." The reason? I have gotten great performance out of Acoustic Research cables that cost a fraction of the price of the Monster equivalent. Well, yesterday, I was able to see the Monster difference for myself.

My wife was browsing the clearance section at our local Meijer (if there were an advanced degree for bargain shopping, my wife would be a PhD) and found a Belkin TuneCast II iPod FM transmitter for $7. Not knowing what it was (but knowing it was marked 80% off), she picked it up.

Unbeknownst to her, at Christmas time, I had picked up a Monster iCarPlay charger/FM transmitter for my iPod from Circuit City for (an outrageous) $70 (hey, I had gift cards to spend).

Being a gadget nerd, I decided to try the Belkin out anyway. It didn't require a cigarette lighter, so I thought it could have some limited application.

After about 2 minutes of using the Belkin, I quickly realized that it has no application whatsoever (except maybe as a paperweight). This thing is terrible. I tried 3 different radios and the Belkin produced noticable static (regardless of which frequency I tuned to) and very low audio levels. Plus, it had to be right next to the radio to get these crumby results.

The Monster one, on the other hand, has excellent sound (everyone who has heard it assumes I am playing a CD) and a great transmitter. I never hear static or have audio dropouts. Plus, it can sit in my passenger seat and still be in range.

So, if you need a great iPod transmitter/charger, I can wholeheartedly recommend Monster.

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