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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Couple of new TV-related apps
A couple of new TV-related apps are making their rounds in the blogosphere today.

Yahoo!, just one week after acquiring Meedio, has launched their Yahoo! Go for TV app. The free app mimics some of Windows Media Center functionality like recording TV, playing music and accessing photos and all within a UI only Prince could love.

I used Meedio for about a year; however, now that I have a Windows MCE box, I don't really have much use for another HTPC front end (even if it is free). I still might install it on a test machine at home and see how it compares.

SageTV also launched SageTV Placeshifter which is a $30 app that is meant to compete with Orb. Because it is an add-on app, you will also need to buy the full version of SageTV 5.0 for $80 (or get take advantage of their $99 introductory special).

I actually used SageTV a couple of years ago (versions 1 & 2) when I built my first HTPC. While the interface was pretty nice, I couldn't see a good reason to give up my TiVo. So I ended up using my HTPC for movies, music and photos and my TiVo for DVR functions.

While it is always cool to see new TV/media center apps, I think I will stick with Windows MCE and Slingbox.

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