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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
K.D. Lang rips off the Clash?

Today, I got my usual weekly e-mail from iTunes showcasing new music that has been added to the service (Why I get the "New Music Tuesday" mail on Wednesday is beyond me). As I scanned down the right column of the e-mail, I noticed this tiny image of K.D. Lang's upcoming compilation album, "Reintarnation."

Even at 53 pixels by 53 pixels, I instantly recognized the image. It was a knock-off of (IMHO) the greatest album in rock 'n' roll history -- "London Calling" by the Clash.

After scanning the song list and other details on the Amazon product page for her album, I found no cover songs or any mention of the Clash. Is this a tribute to "the only band that matters?" Or just a rip-off?

UPDATE (4/20/2006): Wow, do I feel like a dipsh!t. Until getting the comment (from Mojo) on this post, I never realized that The Clash had copied the cover design of Elvis' first record for "London Calling."

Although I lived in Memphis for several years *and* got married by an Elvis impersonator, I was never a fan of his music. Still, I should have known that one. Doh!

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