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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Using company e-mail to talk sh!t
I was checking out the new food hack site,, when I stumbled upon their forum area. The guys who runs the site (his forum alias is "pimpdaddy") posted some hate mail that he received from Damon Mancini, Inside Sales Manager for CAD Professional Microphones.

How do I know all of this about Damon? Because he sent his anti-PimpMySnack rant using his company e-mail address which attached his company e-mail signature. What a knucklehead.

Here is an excerpt:
"This shit is way out of control and know I get a link sent to pimp my snack. Why dont you pimp a gun out. Put some jewels on it a little fringe and then stick it up your ass and pull the trigger cause this is officially the stupidest shit I have ever had the displeasure of seeing."

See his full message here.

I'm sure CAD Professional Microphones is going to love seeing that post (and this one) show up on Google. Nice work, Damon!

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